Torrence Temple

About the instructor


Torrence Temple has 16 years of graduate instructional experience as an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University. He has taught classes in a wide variety of educational technologies.

Media Publisher

Torrence Temple was the creator, developer, and producer of the Atom & Quark interactive science learning series. Also creator, designer, and producer of the AREA154 ( chemistry and physical science curriculum.

Classroom Teacher

Torrence Temple has over 22 years of classroom instructional experience teaching physical science, chemistry, AP chemistry and biology. His experience spans across the entire K-12 spectrum.


Torrence Temple has presented at ISTE on 4 different occasions focusing on the application of technology for the sake of student engagement. Additionally, he was a a featured speaker at MTC and ASTE (Alsaksa) conferences. He has also consulted on multimedia design, media construction, and student engagement at universities and school districts all over California. He was chosen to participate on the California State Board of Education's panel for setting the vision for educational technology, specifically in the areas of teacher training. Within the classroom setting, Torrence Temple has won multiple site, district, county, and national teaching awards for his ability to creatively infuse technology into science education.