Building the most skilled teachers on the planet.

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More than just technology training, the Eduneering Initiative wants you to know WHY the technology works and to build your own sense of creative power to engage the imaginations of learners.

Work with a local team

The FAB 5 is a team of 5 other peer that you are hand selected to work and learn with.

Onscreen videos

The Master Builders walk with you through your entire path. Custom videos made just for you guide you through using the software and applying it to give you more power!

Distinguish yourself

The Eduneering Certification offers that standout difference that states, "higher quality education takes place at this school."

Bragging rights

Teachers like Tammy Hayden (5th Grade) post her cast iron Eduneering Certification plaque outside her classroom showing every passing parent she has unparalleled skills to share with their kids.

Eduneering Success Stories

"The information contained with in the Eduneering Initiative is more complete and focused on skills that make me a stronger teacher than all of the classes I took in my masters program combined."
Ben Sisson - Social Studies Teacher
"The flexibility and power I have now in my classes to make what I need when I need it is a skill envied by everyone in my grade level. I have truly secured a place of value at my school."
Randy Johnson - Physics Teacher
"Not only has my status as an Eduneer made me a sought after teacher at my school, but my Eduneering training has provided me with the ability to extend beyond the classroom and into every aspect of my life where the production of creative media has a role to play."
Tammy Hayden - 5th Grade Teacher